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CUTTING COVE MENU (Only available at J3 & Barsha Branch)

All Cheeky Monkeys locations include a child-friendly spa which offers a full service such as Mommy & Me spa, Birthday party packages, Pre-birthday party pampering, Hair cuts for boys and girls and Mini-mani & Mini-pedi.

Nail Care
Very Important Diva
Manicure, Pedicure and mini massage
AED    85
Monkey Mania-Mani
Start with a bubble gum soak, followed by a relaxing hand massage with our banana-rama lotion. All of this followed by a manicure with the polish of your choice.
AED    40
Divalicious Pedicure
This toe-tally perfect pedicure will involve you soaking your toes in a cotton candy foot soak, followed by an invigorating foot rub and polish of your choice
AED    45
Color me Crazy (polish change)
Start with filing or cutting your nails, followed by polish of your choice.
AED    20
Mini-Glam Make up
Dab of Lip Gloss, blush and eye shadow! Followed with the perfect scented perfume and you are touched up and ready
AED    25

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