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Is your child’s birthday just around the corner? Let Cheeky Monkeys, the best party experts in town, take care of all the party arrangements while you enjoy the celebration alongside your little one. With a range of exciting activities, a dedicated party team, and a delightful birthday party package in Dubai, we ensure your child has the birthday party of their dreams.

Duration and Venue

The duration of the entire party will be two hours, allowing ample time for all the planned activities and celebrations. Cheeky Monkeys provides a private party room for one hour, ensuring a comfortable and exclusive space for your child and their friends to enjoy the festivities. The room will be decorated with colorful balloons, adding a festive touch to the atmosphere and setting the stage for a joyful celebration.

Play Area and Activities

During the party, the kids will have access to Cheeky Monkey’s indoor playground including the Arts & Crafts Garden, and Monkey Clubhouse for one hour. These areas are specifically designed to offer a range of exciting and age-appropriate activities that cater to the interests and energy levels of children. The Play Area features various play structures, slides, and interactive games, while the Arts & Crafts Garden provides an opportunity for creative expression. The Monkey Clubhouse offers additional play options, allowing the children to explore and have a great time.

Dedicated Entertainer and Party Host

To ensure a memorable and engaging experience, Cheeky Monkeys provides a dedicated entertainer and party host who will be present throughout the event. The entertainer is skilled in creating a fun-filled environment and will actively engage the children in interactive games, entertaining activities, and exciting performances. The party host will manage the logistics and ensure that everything runs smoothly, allowing parents to relax and enjoy the celebration.

Delicious Kids’ Meal and Refreshments

As part of the Cheeky Monkeys birthday party package, offers a delicious kids’ meal, carefully prepared to cater to their tastes and dietary requirements. The meal includes a variety of child-friendly options that are both nutritious and enjoyable. In addition to the meal, each child will receive two beverages, such as juice and bottled water, to keep them hydrated and refreshed throughout the party.

Birthday Surprises and Gifts

Cheeky Monkeys goes the extra mile to make the birthday celebrant feel special. The package includes a unique Cheeky Monkeys’ birthday ceremony, where the birthday child is celebrated and made to feel like a star. They will also receive a special birthday present and a personalized birthday certificate, creating lasting mementos of their special day. Furthermore, each guest will receive a balloon on a stick as a fun keepsake and have the chance to win sweet treats or stickers in the non-elimination games organized by the party team.

Confetti Blast and Choice of Treats

To add excitement to the cake ceremony, Cheeky Monkeys provides a confetti blast experience that fills the air with colorful confetti (cake not included). This creates a magical moment and enhances the celebratory atmosphere. As an additional treat, each child can choose between individual servings of popcorn or candy floss, adding a delightful touch to their party experience. Furthermore, they can enjoy one station of their choice, including Balloon Bending, Face Painting, or Nail & Tattoo, allowing them to indulge in creative and entertaining activities.

Party Gifts and Invitations

Cheeky Monkeys appreciates the guests who attend the birthday party. As a gesture of gratitude, each registered guest will receive party gifts to take home, ensuring that they leave with cherished memories of the celebration. Additionally, to assist with the party planning process, Cheeky Monkeys provides invitation cards or premade e-vites at the time of booking. This makes it convenient and effortless for parents to invite guests and communicate the party details.

Important Terms and Conditions for Your Cheeky Monkeys Party

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable party experience, it is important to be aware of the following terms and conditions set by Cheeky Monkeys:

All Prices Are Subject to Change

Cheeky Monkeys reserves the right to modify the pricing of its birthday packages without prior notice. It is recommended to confirm the current prices at the time of booking.

Tentative Bookings Cancellation Policy

If a tentative booking is not confirmed within 24 hours, it will be automatically canceled. To secure your desired date and time, it is advisable to confirm the booking promptly.

Minimum 15 Kids Required for All Birthday Party Package Bookings

To avail of Kid’s birthday party venue, a minimum of 15 kids must be included in the reservation. This ensures a lively and enjoyable atmosphere for all participants.

Amendments to Offerings

While every effort is made to provide the offerings as described in the brochure, Cheeky Monkeys reserves the right to make amendments or modifications to the offerings without any liabilities. Any changes made will aim to enhance the overall party experience.

Sock Requirement for Safety and Hygiene

For the safety and hygiene of all participants, wearing socks is mandatory at all times within the Cheeky Monkeys premises. This policy helps maintain cleanliness and minimizes the risk of slips or falls during play.

Free Pinata Image

As a special bonus, each booking at Cheeky Monkeys includes a complimentary Pinata Image. This adds an exciting element to the celebration, allowing kids to enjoy the thrill of breaking open a pinata and discovering hidden surprises.

Flexible Pricing Options for Cheeky Monkeys Birthday Parties

Cheeky Monkeys offers different pricing options based on the day of the week and public holidays. The pricing structure is as follows:

Monday to Thursday:

AED 149 per VIP: For bookings scheduled from Monday to Thursday, each VIP (child) attending the party will be charged AED 149.

Friday to Sunday and Public Holidays:

AED 179 per VIP: For bookings falling on Fridays, weekends (Saturday and Sunday), and public holidays, the price per VIP (child) attending the party is AED 179.

These pricing tiers allow flexibility based on the chosen party date and ensure that each child attending the party receives the same delightful experience, regardless of the day of the week.

Cheeky Monkeys strives to provide exceptional value for money while offering a memorable and enjoyable birthday celebration for your child and their friends.

At Cheeky Monkeys, we understand the importance of creating magical memories for your child’s birthday. With our comprehensive birthday party package, including a private party room, exciting activities, dedicated staff, and delightful surprises, we guarantee an everlasting celebration. Let us take care of the details while you cherish every moment of your child’s special day. Book your child’s dream party at Cheeky Monkeys today!